“Your Small Room”… More than accessories!

The elegance of handmade

Tired of always looking for new things for our hobbies? Never! And we’re always very proud of it, but even more when our steady research is “acknowledged” by something truly unique, just like in this instance, with the little masterpieces from “Your Small Room“.

We’ve discovered this company – whose work and vocation is 100% artisanal – in a little corner of charming Eastern Europe, where the culture of needlework has centuries-old roots and wood art, too. A little business, standing out for their passion for living and precious timbers, to turn into even more precious needlework accessories that you will NEVER have to put away when stopping your stitching in the late night, already knowing that we will be back there the very day after, with our needle and fabric in the hands, as soon as we have some time!

Extremely detailed and lovely even in their packaging, hand engraved one by one with the company’s brand and truly elegant, these hoop stands and needlework accessories go far beyond the concept of reliable and solid “hobby partner”: they’re a sight for sore eyes and represent the idea of “made with care” from any standpoint.

We bet you’ll definitely leave them in plain view at home! 

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