Your bag, your style, in a few seconds.

Bags and shoes: the most wanted accessories!

Both of them usually require bright fashion designers and gifted artisans: brilliant minds and hands, in short. What about if, now, those hands and minds were yours? No, we’re not saying you should try and become experienced shoe artisans… but, we’re definitely taking “to the next step” our will to DIY bags, because – thanks to the Miyako handle – these bags are truly getting amazingly easy and fast to craft and, moreover, in a fully personal way that you can change from season to season, matching our outfit and mood from time to time.

A little, precious accessory made of colored leather (available in 30 different color shades), where you’ll simply tie your favorite fabric: the only prerequisite is the fabric cut to be 90X90 cm min.

And in no time you’ll have a stylish bag ready, descending directly from the Japanese “furoshiki” (the traditional Japanese, square wrapping cloth used to transport any kind of good), enriched with that touch of genuine leather, giving it the typical look of the best-known brands manufacturing leather goods.

The advantages of such a bag are so many: not only the possibility of creating it in a handful of seconds and without any sewing know-how, but also the opportunity to choose size, color, patterns at any time. In the Summer, cotton and linen fabrics, as well as all those widespread, lovely, printed canvases, will be perfect; while in Winter, we can choose a wool cloth,  a classic tweed, or even recycle the fabric of some old coat we don’t wear anymore.

And, talking about recycling, we think immediately of the sustainability of this handle – whose leather is tanned with environment-friendly, toxic-free dyes – and that we will actually be able to match with any fabric that, maybe, we already have in our “fabric stash”, including the old curtains and linens of our grandmothers, or the tartan of some old-fashioned skirt, we don’t wear anymore and… anything else!

And if you love stitching, knitting or crocheting, that’s even better, for the Miyako handle is ideal to also create your bag with your stitched, knitted or crocheted creation!

Take a look at the tutorial here below and discover “how to”: for, form now on, you’re your fashion bag designer!

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