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A brand new stranded cotton has won us over!

Without diminishing the best-known brands – like DMC and Anchor, with this last one boasting an even longer history in comparison to the French “cousin” – Casa Cenina is happy and honored to launch in Europe a new range of stranded cotton skeins, made in the USA: Sullivans!

They are brand new in the Old Continent and they are top-quality, since made with 100% mercerized, Egyptian cotton. They come in traditional 6-ply, 8.70-yard skeins.

We selected them for the undisputable reliability of their manufacturer (Sullivans International was established over 30 years ago in Australia and has now become a multinational group, with branches in the United States and New Zealand), as well as for the high softness of the Egyptian cotton they’re manufactured with.

In fact, this cotton is acknowledged by the main yarn and floss manufacturers (including the most famous ones, DMC and Anchor) as the best raw material, because Egyptian cotton offers better resistance in comparison to the same fiber of other origins and keeps colors brilliant and unaltered in time. Moreover, its distinctive long fiber results in a higher percentage of continuous fiber during spinning, making this cotton the perfect choice just for threads and yarns.

A further characteristic that should already be enough to convince any cross stitcher to select exclusively threads made with Egyptian cotton is its unique ability to produce much less fuzz than any other cotton: a remarkable peculiarity, when you have to let your needle go up and down through your embroidery fabric for so many times, steadily hoping that your thread doesn’t fray soon… we all know this feeling, don’t we?

Last but not least, the cellulose of Egyptian cotton is distributed in a much more homogeneous way than in other cottons and this means a much higher homogeneity of the raw material itself, besides a up to 50% higher resistance in comparison – for example – to Greek and Turkish cotton and double to that of Indian cotton, as well as a better color absorbance, turning into longer lasting colors!

This is why Sullivans stranded cotton rightfully belongs to the elite of the best stranded cottons. Casa Cenina has decided to carry it also for its cost-effectiveness: the possibility of selling it at a surprisingly reasonable price, considering its top quality, convinced us totally. 

We have uploaded it in all its over 450 colors, each with the indication of the corresponding DMC color, to make your choice easy, in case you decide to try it 😉

As usual, questions, impressions and considerations are more than welcome and… stay tuned, for there might soon be some surprises concerning this thrilling new product!

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