Try silk threads for your stitching!

A colorful world, based on preciousness.

Among the several suggestions you sent us replying to our recent survey, there are a whole lot of requests for “more embroidery threads” 🙂 Well, it’s not hard to understand why: how can we actually resist the fascination of those “rainbows” of color shades that threads have always represented?
Even more, when those rainbows are made of silk: so glossy and magnificent!

That’s also why we have lately uploaded some brand new, hand-dyed silk threads:

You’ll probably know her creator already, because it’s Judith, the Hungarian artisan of the brand xJuDesign, who also hand dyes these lovely fabrics:

All the care she puts in her fabrics is to be found also in these silk threads of hers, coming in 6-strand, 9-yard (approx.) skeins, already pre-cut 

in convenient 0.87-yard lengths (the ideal length, so that your strand does not fray during stitching).

Like all artisanally hand-dyed threads, these silk fibers are precious and delicate and they’re not color-fast. So, it’s better not to wash them, to avoid bleeding.

Selecting the color shades for our stitching projects is very easy, because for each of her colors, Judith provides the relevant DMC correspondences.

We suggest you use 2 strands for cross stitching on 14ct, 16ct and 18ct aida fabrics, as well as on 28ct, 32ct, 35ct and 40ct linen. While a single strand will be perfect for backstitch and other embroidery techniques, like the Blackwork, for example.

Try them and let us know what you think 😉

Hear from us soon! 

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