Tilda takes us to the woods.

Woodland: here’s the new Tilda collection

This time, Tone Finnanger celebrates the woods and their creatures, but always with her own touch. In the brand new collection from the Norwegian designer, nature’s echoes play the leading roll, printed on fabrics that are perfect for any home style, with their hand-drawn foliage, trees, squirrels and other animals, combined with florals in red, blue, lilac and greed shades.

All Woodland fabrics can perfectly be combined also with a number of Tilda’s previous colections, such as Frances Teal, Harvest Rose lilac, Old Rose Lydia lavender, Plum Garden Confetti an many more 😉

Let’s breath the fresh air of Scandinavian woods with these brand new cottons from Tone Finnanger and let’s get creative, for the patterns to create amazing, new quilts with these new fabrics cann all be download for free on Tilda website, by simply clicking here

Happy quilting… and sewing.

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