Tilda Plum Garden

The new Tilda collection … but we’re going to be ahead of the game!

In the ultra-millennial Chinese tradition, the plum tree flower represents perseverance and courage: it’s a humble bud with delicate, rose petals, quite similar to its more famous “cousin”, the cherry blossom (so venerated in Japan).

For her next collection – that will be here in some weeks (the official launch is scheduled by mid July) – Tone Finnanger has chosen exactly the plum tree as the protagonist, as we can see already in its name “Plum Garden”. Actually, we don’t know the reason why, but we love the thought of connecting this choice to the fact that this flower symbolizes the above-mentioned virtues, besides goodness.

For sure, the Plum Garden collection is rich in flowers and vivid colors mixed together, in that particular way – never too showy – which the Norwegian designer has get us used to. And once again for sure we know that it’s going to be a limited-edition collection: we’ve had a tip-off from our Scandinavian distributor.

That’s why we have decided not to dilly-dally and upload the whole collection immediately in our website! You can already find it there, ready to be pre-ordered, so to be sure no to be left with nothing from this Plu Garden, when deliveries start in July!

Hurry up and discover this tender garden full of “plum trees”.

We look forward to seeing you!

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