Tilda Cotton Beach: coastal breeze to breath straight away!

Shells, corals and sea anemones are some of the leading characters of the very first 2022 Summer collection Tilda: Cotton Beach.

Prints and colors inspired by “coastal life”, this time, taking us to the seaside already, in spite of the further two Winter months we still have to face.

The color shades used by Tone Finnanger for these bran new fabrics range from light, to purple and coral reds, sandy grays, light and green teals and blues in several shades, to all shades of yellow, to represent sunshine.

In addition to all these prints, Tone has designed a line of blenders, too – in softer hues and matching all the motives of Cotton Beach – as well as two more motives that can almost be seen as “biographical”! Tone has called them “me and my friend” and they actually portray female busts of lovely young ladies, on slate or khaki background, perfect to customize with all the fabrics of this new collection!

Come and see it!

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