Tilda Bon Voyage: looking forward to Summer!

“Our heart goes out to all of you in this challenging time. Especially to those who are experiencing the worst sides of this virus… This virus affects us all in some way, but at Tilda Fabrics we are continuing to deliver and work from home. So are our partners.

I did not anticipate when designing this collection and deciding on a name a year ago that we would not be able to travel as it is released. When the collection was shipped out to our customers we had no idea the whole world would be turned upside down a few weeks later. Wish you all the best from a house on an island in Norway”.

This is the message that Tone Finnanger decided to address – through her blog – to all her fans and followers. And we’re pleased to share it here, just when launching her new collection in our website, taking its name “Bon Voyage” as a good omen.

And while we’re waiting to use this expression again in our stations and airports, leaving for some relaxing holiday, let’s travel with our fantasy with these brand new fabrics, too, all taking inspiration from ceramics and pottery around the world. However, always in keeping with the Tilda concept, the palette is more subdued than you would find in the traditional pottery of many countries worldwide.

To mix up at best the various, larger tile-inspired patterns, a series of smaller in matching colors make up half of the fabrics, thus balancing the above-mentioned, larger ones, re-echoing the renowned “Azulejos”, typical of Spanish and Portuguese ancient architecture. The result will be surprising, with that style that’s both classic and modern at the same time: two characteristics that this collection features, undr the sign of a general “looking forward to Summer”.


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