There’s an artist in all of us, somehow.

And not just when it comes to stitching and creative sewing!

We have lately widened our offer of Paint by Number kits and Jigsaw Puzzles (100% made of wood), because these hobbies are getting more and more ground worldwide . They are not only fun, but even “therapeutic”!

Several studies, in fact, have showed in time  that they help lower the levels of stress caused by daily routine. But there’s even more. More recent studies have actually set an official “list of benefits” as for these hobbies. Here it is: they have proved a decline in anxiety levels and an increase of individual attention span; moreover, these hobbies can be compared to meditation, as for their overall benefits, as they improve patience and tolerance and, when the project is finished they can provide a great sense of achievement.

So, we believe they’re worth trying, aren’t they?

Click the following links for a couple of videos giving you an idea… just to get tempted.



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