The most “wanted” accessory for Spring/Summer 2020

Sounds like – at least for next Summer – we won’t have to think of a bikini as our main concern for the warm season!

But we’ll have to think of a pretty different, must-have accessory, as soon as we get back to our freedom of movement: the mask… So, since this is going to be “mandatory”, what about sewing some – for ourselves and for all the people we love – but making them so that they’re truly distinctive and trendy, besides being an actual protection for all the people around us?!?!?!

Let’s sw washable masks, with the Summer fabric par excellence – pure cotton – and, first of all – comfortable to wear, as long as we’re going out and about. For sure, at least on the very first days after the end of the lockdown, we won’t be able to wander everywhere and for long. However, even if for a short time, wearing a natural fabric on our face and having on our ears a soft elastic band (not those elastics leaving a sort of “mark” after half an hour) makes the difference!

Choose a cotton fabric you like in our endless selection:

Line it with the most famous thermoweb in the world, both to give it additional “strength” and to make it a good “droplet precaution” (a necessary feature in COVID-19 periods):

And finish it with you favorite color of this trendy, soft elastic band:


And your mask is ready not just for you, but tìfor the Summer, too, that will be a protected Summer!

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