The most mysterious Christmas speaks Italian and… it’s multiple!

A SAL in four parts and… subjects for any taste and Xmas atmosphere…

Of course, we can’t give any further detail, but we’re sure you’re going to love this SAL, just like you loved the one (it was for Halloween, do you remember?) that Chiara, the founder and designer of the brand Mat & Me, debuted with.
The reason is easy to understand: once again, with her basic, though far from banal style, the mysterious pattern is perfect for stitching in total relaxation and even for beginners, who have never tried a Mystery SAL before.

All four parts are in Digital Delivery – so, no shipping fees and no eagerly waiting for the carrier –  and the first one will be ready for download on Friday, November 19th!

Stitch count: 247×214
Total amount of DMC colors: 18
321 (3), 3840, 3859, 3740, 224, 310, 840, 779, 822, 830, 832, 898, 320, 700, 500, 666, 816, 307


Cross stitch and backstitch.
The first part of the pattern will come with the decorative border.
Total price for the complete pattern: 12.90 euro.


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Casa Cenina suggests: the fabric is at the choice of the stitcher, but we’d like to recommend you one of the following linens:

Edinburgh Linen 35 count – Mini Dots Natural
Belfast Linen 32 count – Gold Raw


Or, if you prefer aida fabric, take a look at this one:

AIDA DMC 14ct. Metallic: 5282


Reserve your Mystery SAL Now!!


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