The genuine Furoshiki!

A world of beauty and convenience from Japan.

In the movie “The Last Samurai”, the anguished veteran of the American Civil War interpreted by Tom Cruise writs about Japanese: “They are an intriguing people. From the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue”.

That “perfection” is actually so evident nowadays, too: just think of the silent and delicate charm of origami and ikebana; or even of the elegance of the sashiko needlework and of all the quilting projects coming from the Land of the Rising Sun and, from now on, also of the Furoshiki.

When we decided to carry the Miyako handles here:

we discovered the Furoshiki: the traditional cloth used in Japan already in the 17th century, to “wrap” and carry any kind of everyday object.

However, it’s in our century that’s become so successful as a sustainable alternative to plastic bags, offering exceptional versatility and drawing the attention of famous Japanese designers, as well, who decided to create special Furoshiki patterns.

There’s a whole world behind these lovely fabrics:

and we started to discover it by looking for an authentic Japanese manufacturer – in this instance, Musubi, a weaving mill located in the empire capital Kyoto – and selecting some of their pure-cotton Furoshiki (even though they can be manufactured also with silk, rayon and other fibers).

They are all cuts of 100X100 cm approx., allowing you not only to make unusual and trendy bangs in many ways and shapes, but also to wrap any kind of gift and everything else with a fabric that will then be re-used, following the fancy of the lucky one who received that gift: it can usd and re-used as a scarf, or a hairband; or again as a lovely wrapping for a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers to bring when you’re invited for dinner by friends. In any case, the present will be double, for these cottons are extremely well finished and they come with a small leaflet, showing how to use them in the most amazing ways. 

All the Furoshiki we selected are yarn-dyed, not simply printed, and this makes them more than precious: they are very strong and can be washed. Some of them are even double-faced, featuring the same pattern – though in different colors – on both their sides. In the instance of bags, this means you have the chance of changing look in seconds.

Meet them here and… enjoy!  

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