Summer 2019: let’s make a revolution!!

On June 5th, 2019 the hottest season is starting at Casa Cenina… and this has very little to do with Summer temperatures… but much to do with a memorable EVERYTHING MUST GO, that tastes just like a revolution for us! And we all know that revolutions are successful when they can rely on a whole lot of participants: that’s why you’re all invited to join us!!!

The reason? At Casa Cenina we have planned a long Summer of “works in progress” and a large-scale renovation of our colorful and variegated warehouse, to finally create a more rational organizations of spaces and arrange the hundreds new products that we have already ordered for the Fall… besides all the further plans that have been swirling around in our heads for some time, now!

Renovating our warehouse can’t be postponed anymore and Summer is definitely the most suitable season to commit to do something so demanding.

The way? If “everything must go”, then everything must be extremely cost-effective, offering the greatest advantage to those who are joining us for this “revolution”!

That’s why from Wednesday, June 5th, to the very end of our “works in progress”, a whole lot of remarkable discounts will apply to all the items IN STOCK in our warehouse and exclusively on these items immediately available, for they’re the ones that must go and let us get new spaces ready, managing the works in progress at best and, most of all, as quickly as possible 🙂

Your benefits? In days of  “Summer Black Friday“, meaning promotions limited to 24 hours,, here at Casa Cenina you can rely on a promotion for a whole season, with increasing discounts  and unlimited opportunities, to buy up threads and fabrics, for instance (after all, they don’t have any expire date like food ;-)); or to finally treat yourself with that machine (or that LED lamp, or that special frame) you’ve long dreamt of; or to make or received that particular present you’ve been longing for and, of course… to simply join this memorable revolution!

And in case you include in your orders items that are not immediately in stock, no problem: in each single product webapge, you’ll always find a “maximum” date of availability (by “maximum” we mean it’s going to be the “latest” deadline possible, so that we’re sure we can’t be wrong!) and you can be sure we’ll make our best to collect all the items delivered here and “set aside because of the works in progress” earlier than the “maximum date” displayed and to ship them!

Moreover, we’ll go on uploading new products, for our revolution is necessary, but there are things that cannot be changed in any case and new products are among them: untouchable 😉

And speaking about new products, we will upload first any new products and/or collections we have already pre-ordered, so that they can be purchased without any delay by all our customers who have already reserved them.

Last but not least, to rely on the highest standard of organization, the “manufacturers” and “categories” list will display first the items in stock and not the newest ones as usual (please, note that filters can will always be available, to get the items displayed as you prefer), in order to make your shopping experience easier when selecting what’s immediately in stock and therefore… what’s discounted!

Ready to make a revolution? Be sure to join us, because we’re going to also ask for your opinion as for the most “wanted” products, to fill the spaces that this amazing clearance is creating!

Let’s get started on June 5th: save the date!

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