Sprinklets: the little ones for great ideas

They have a “revealing” name, coming from “sprinkle

And they’re actually designed to be “sparkled” on any crafty project: starting from your birthday and Xmas cards, for example, and for any type of card. Take a look at those in the pictures here! They’re little embellishments (each piece is about 5 mm) to glue onto any kind of surface, made of a special polymer clay, making them light and colorful.

Each pack contains a selection of different motives, such as little stars, flowers and pinwheels and, besides them, there are special-themed packs, with little hearts, mouse ears or other flowers.

Gluing them on your craft projects, however, isn’t the only possible use at all! Try and imagine the, on a table set up for some special occasion; or in a glass or a crystal-clear jar, decorating a particular corner in your flat; or falling in a window made with a transparent polypropylene on any card, or even in a letter of a special wood decoration, like the “Noel” in the picture.

Simply let your creative flair burst!

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