Soon-to-be fashion stylists (fun for both kids and grown-up fashionistas)!

A tutorial to sew the cutest dolls’ outfits in just a few minutes 

Once you take away smartphones and videogames there’s not much left for your kids to play with nowadays …

So how do you make a day fun without the use of technology? We have a few crafty ideas in mind 😉 One of them called Dress Your Doll: an entire collection of mini kits to make your own clothes and accessories for your dolls (such as Barbie) in a fun, quick and simple way!

Dozens of outfits to make using only scissors, needle and threads. The rest is all included inside the kit: fabric with pre-printed pattern and pattern (so that you can recreate the design as many times as you wish, with all your favorite fabrics).

Take a look at the mini tutorial, you’ll be amazed at just how easy and quick these outfits are to make!

Sewing is something you learn while you’re a kid – it’s like playing a game – and that you’ll find useful as an adult, because who doesn’t need, at some point in their lives, to sew a button, hem a pair of jeans or mend a hole on their favorite shirt?! 😉


With the Dress Your Doll kits you will learn how to do just that and you will also finally put to good use all those fabric remnants you have lying around,

Have fun!

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