Sewing threads, what a passion!

The metal boxes and the sewing thread sets from Gütermann have always been big best sellers. So, in Germany they’ve thought it better to widen their range with new boxes, starting from this Denim Box

including 12 spools of highly resistant, 100% polyester floss for our jeans and their hems (who hasn’t ever had at least one to modify?); the cotton box

with 30 spools of premium, mercerized Egyptian, pure cotton, each of 100 meters, as well as this Creative Cotton Box

including 48 spools of 100% cotton, with the same characteristic. Both these metal boxes show “quilting inspirations”, but the floss inside is not reserved to this technique: if you love using cotton threads for any project of creative sewing, this is the perfect match. Even more if you’re going for decorative seams, whose aim is “to be seen”!

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a lighter effect, with thinner (though more resistant!)seams, then the most suitable option – even more in case of machine sewing – are the spools of Gütermann Sew-All thread: the 100% polyester, universal sewing floss that, besides being extremely resistant, is available in over 500 color shades. The German brand has created a whole lot of metal cases for this Sew-All fiber – some of them with an amazing, vintage look – that are always much sought after!


Select your favorite(s) right away!

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