Set your table for Easter, in just a few quick steps!

Applique and the crash effect with the Freudenberg vlieselines are now at your fingertips!

Take a look for yourself 🙂 All you need is a flatiron, some fabric (offcuts we’ll do too!!), thread, pins and your creativity! In just the blink of an eye, your table will be set for Easter and will have your guests in awe 🙂

Plus, experiencing with vlieselines means entering a whole new world of creative opportunities, because you can work on basically any printed cotton fabric and add your personal touch to it. An example? Well, since Easter is near, why not make a tiny custom creation to put inside a chocolate egg? With vlieseline you can easily create a book sleeve (and you can adapt it to an e-book as well):

and also a unique phone case for your phone:

or a pair of slippers that will easily fit into your suitcase:

Once your surprise is ready – and these table mats might do the trick too – any bakery or grocery store will gladly put it inside a chocolate egg that won’t be easy to forget for anyone who receives it 😉

The goal is to amaze, but in a simple and fun way!

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