Regina, this is the name of the designer!

In perfect primitive style… but not only!

It’s the style reviving – after more than over two centuries – the origins of cross stitching in the USA, with delicate and simple lines, stitched with dusty colors and exclusively on cotton and linen, since the aida was born long after that. The Primitive style has become more and more popular in the last years, as shown by the success of a number of designers – such as, for example, Brenda Gervais from With Thy Needle and Thread – who have made this style their favorite one.

Now, on Casa Cenina you can find a new designer who’s letting you enjoy this primitive style even more: her brand is called Samplers and Primitives. However,  contrary to what this name might suggest, she’s not American, but Bulgarian!

This is why her cross stitch charts match the hallmarks of typical primitive patterns to a slightly more European “taste” for more defined lines and subjects, though always to stitch with delicate and essential color shades. Regina, this is the name of the designer, is waiting for you on Casa Cenina with her patterns, all in Digital Delivery (so NO shipping costs!) and all truly cute.

Click and select your favorite ones!

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