Quilling, an art for everyone!

How to decorate with paper using the quilling technique.

 Quilling, or paper filigree, is a decorative artistic technique that uses strips of paper to create various shapes that form characters and decorative patterns.

It’s a very versatile art, great for creating party favours, greeting cards and even a book sleeve, just like during the Renaissance period.

Yes, you read that right! This technique that seems so modern and innovative, was actually used by monks and nuns to decorate books and other religious items. Then they would add a gold finishing to give it a regal look.

One of the pros of this technique is that it’s sustainable and also low-cost! Who doesn’t have a few sheets of paper lying around in their home? This way, as the material used is cheap, the final result will be even more special and valuable.

Quilling can be done in different ways as you can twist, loop or curl the paper stripsto create different shapes. Are you afraid that it sound easier than it actually is? Don’t worry about not being able to succeed, we have just what you need.

The detailed instructions in the book, together with the step by step pictures will guide you through and in no time at all paper filigree will be a piece of cake. Enjoy creating wedding signs, frames, wreaths, accessories and much more!

Send us your pictures and show us your skills!!!

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