Puzzles get newer… getting back to their origins.

Wooden puzzles are so trendy!

More than a simple game, puzzles are definitely a hobby that everyone has tried at least once in their lives!

However, perhaps not everyone knows that the puzzle was invented by an English cartographer in 1760: he glued a geographic map on a piece of wood and cut out the borders of the different countries, because he wanted to create an educational game to make teaching and learning geography easier.

His idea soon became very famous among the most affluent social classes and, in 1800, in London, there were already about 20 cartographers and publishers who manufactured puzzles.

During the 19th century, the production of puzzles was further developed and reached America, too. In the second half of the century, with the Industrial Revolution, the production costs lowered and cardboard started to be used, replacing wood, being of course cheaper than it and thus turning puzzles into something more accessible to all.

Now, the brand Wizerdi  has managed to join the preciousness of wood with an accessible price, in brand new Jigsaw puzzles: the evolution of traditional, cardboard puzzles, with all the pleasure of their original, “alive” raw material.
Fully manufactured in wood, in compliance with the all current regulations on environmental sustainability, Wizardi Jigsaw Puzzles feature images applied with special paints, giving an amazing saturation of bright colors and all realized by professional artists. They are ideal for any age, but it’ll be particularly fun to make them with our little ones, won’t it?

Try them and you’ll love them!

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