Please, don’t call them just “adhesive tape”!

Washi Tapes are here

A low-cost – though with an amazingly high potential in terms of creativeness – solution for any crafting: that’s how the essence of “washi tapes” can be summed up.

We have selected a number of them, directly in the USA, even though they originally come from Japan: the country where the care of the smallest detail in any project is a must!

And, in fact, the word “Washi” is composed by the Japanese “wa”, standing for “Japanese”, and “shi”, meaning “paper”. So, “Japanese Paper” and handmade – as it has always been in the tradition of the “Country of the Rising Sun” – with fibers obtained from plants typical of that country, such as bamboo, rice and hemp, as well as from some native trees.

The evolution of this paper (originally used mainly for the so-called origami) are these tapes, which we find it not so fair to simply call like that, for – besides being adhesive – they are made of this paper, properly treated to make them suitable for decorating anything our creative flair can suggest.

Another of their peculiarities is the possibility of attach and remove them without leaving any trace, on any surface: after all, creativity needs “testing” and the opportunity to rely on a decorative, adhesive tape with these characteristics is an added value, since it give us the chance to “reinvent” our own project in a few seconds and in full “safety”! Our selection includes many different colors and patterns, all in 1.5-cm high tapes: the most convenient size to suite the most different crafting ideas.

And don’t forget to take a look at some video in YouTube, to find a whole lot of inspiration on how to use them: just enter “Washi Tape”, to open up the doors on an amazing world.

Hear from us soon! 


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