People in love, either with a partner or singles, it’s time to celebrate!

Tradition has taught us that Valentine’s Day – on February 14th – is the day of the people in love…

but we can also be in love, without being in a relationship with a partner: and that’s probably why in Italy, for some years, we’ve started celebrating also singles and on the very day after: February 15th!

So, here we are with a double opportunity to treat ourselves with some little gift and… discounted, of course.

And what if you’r not in love? No problem at all, for at Casa Cenina, we’re going to prolong the above-mentioned double opportunity for three days!
From Friday, February 14th, to Sunday, February 16th, 2020 (until 23:59 CET), here’s how we’re celebrating couples, singles, in love and not:

20% off on all items in stock and not;
12% off on all books and magazines in stock and not;
additional 5% off on all the items of our “Sales” section.

Have a very happy Valentine’s day and after!


** This promotion does not include already discounted items, Digital Delivery items and very few products, whose authors or manufacturers have forbidden us the sale at a price lower than the price set by them.

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