Our Blue Monday is different!

The first “most blue Monday of the year” dates back to 2004, when the UK Sky Travel channel made it famous, relying on a study that was said to be of a psychologist of the University of Cardiff.

Some time later, however, someone started to say the researched had been paid to state that study was his… we guess we’ll never know how things actually went, but – for sure – we know that, for example, many legal experts worldwide have underlined that January is the month with the highest number of divorces… and we’re even more certain on the fact that January is often a grey (or blue!) month, always a cold one and usually quite a “hated” one, since it definitely closes all Holidays!

Therefore, as we deserve to smile – in spite of January and the Blue Monday!

Here’s a special promotion for you: 15% off on your order, using the
G-BLUEM coupon.

And if your order is over 120 euro, you’ll get an immediate 5-euro additional reduction on it!

So that the “blue” is going to be only a nice color for our soon-to-come Spring looks 😉

Enjoy your discounted shopping!

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