Organic cotton: good for the environment and good for our skin

100% bio, lovely, small flowers

The Summer, of course, calls for natural, light and transpirant fibers for our underwear and clothes, even better if organic ones. Just like the latest selections in our cotton fabric range: made in France, very soft and 100% organic cottons.

But what does “organic cotton” exactly mean? And why is it the best choice, not just for the warmest season and the hottest temperatures?

Well, first of all, because organic cotton is grown following the strict rules of organic farming, just as it happens for biological food: this means not only sustainably for the environment – i.e. without using pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides in its production and without chemical substances, resins, heavy metals and toxic solvents in its processing – but also in an ethical way in social terms (i.e. with fair pays and reasonable working hours for their growers, just to mentions some).

Considering that cotton is the most cultivated and widespread natural fiber in the world, it’s easy to understand the advantages that organic growing could guarantee on a global scale, if only it was more and more increased.

These new cottons are GOTS ((Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This standard is acknowledged as the most important, international one for clothing and textile sustainable manufacturing, that means when it comes on producing fabrics and clothes with organic fibers, in short. This is how these rolls of cotton are born and printed with lovely, little flowers, in different colors and matching color shades that are universal and timeless. The width is 150 cm, so our basic cut (75X50 cm) already gives you a whole lot of “creative opportunities”, no matter what your sewing or quilting project is 😉 Even more, of course, if you’re going to tailor some light and flowy blouses or tops, or mini dresses for this soon-to-come Summer!


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