Open letter to all Casa Cenina friends

Dear all,
the whole Western world has been facing the most serious pandemy of the last two generations for almost one year now.

In this long – when not too long – 12 months, here at Casa Cenina we’ve always been trying to work at full capacity, always in strict compliance with the anti-Covid regulations issued by our government, to go on enjoying with you the pleasure of crafting, finding in our favorite hobbies a way to divert our minds from unpleasant thoughts and to smile, even in times that have proved us both physically and mentally.

If, from the one side, we do hope that these times are now changing, letting us all see a glimmer of enlightenment, from a sanitary point of view; on the other side we must admit that, from a manufacturing and supplying-chain point of view, all the companies that we work with are still experiencing extremely hard times.

Actually and sadly, the negative effects of the past 12 months on our industry are still very serious and there are more or less long delays in all deliveries from our suppliers in the USA, in Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark and the UK. In the UK, moreover, this add to the new import and export regulations set by the Brexit that’s entered into force on January 1sr, 2021, and heavily slowing down the customs clearance of all the goods imported to and exported from this country.

In some instances, our suppliers are currently reporting delays of several weeks in all their manufacturing plants.

Why are we writing this “open letter” to you? Because you’re an integral part of Casa Cenina and we want you to be reassured that we will keep on doing our best not to let you wait for your order for too long. However, it is fair of us to also inform you about the general situation, often causing long delays in all deliveries, still expected for the next few weeks.

We hope we can rely on your patience and we ensure you that our commitment is and always will be the maximum!

Thank you all and hugs from all the Casa Cenina Team 

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