No one takes you seriously?

It’s time to make them change their mind!!

Show them what passion means!

In a fast moving – even too fast – world,our hobbies often seem outdated to many… But we know they’re much more than pastimes: they’re states of mind and being!

Casa Cenina shares them with you, because  staying up late with your needle and threads (or with your crochet or knitting needles, as well as with your sewing machine) is an added value in our lives. In those early hours, all for ourselves, far from everyday concerns, we’re so close to each other, even with miles between us.

What about telling us something about these states of mind and being?

Share with us your experience and feelings of “keen on crafting”: it’ll only take a few minutes!

Casa Cenina thanks you with a personal coupon for your creative shopping.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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