More than simply convenient and hygienic… Stylish!

Fighting the massive use of plastic nowadays means first of all to pay attention to our daily actions and to consciously recycle this material, originally not intended to be a “throwaway” material (since its formula is virtually ever-lasting!).

And it also means to be ready not to use plastic, when it’s not strictly needed! The old plastic cases, which toothbrushes used to be marketed in were probably among the very first plastic packaging to disappear from our supermarkets some time ago… And fortunately enough, we can say now!

However, first of all when you travel, the idea of having your toothbrush “wandering” free in your beautycase, likely to get in touch with our hairbrush or with the various shampoo and shower gel bottles we simply leave on the shelves of hotel and camping bathrooms, doesn’t sound that nice, does it? So, here’s an extremely easy tutorial to sew a little, customized, toothbrush and toothpaste fabric case, perfect to always be with you in your handbag (for instance, when you know you’ll have dinner out, after working 8 hours, and you want to brush our teeth, before going to the restaurant); or to keep in your desk drawer in our office.

As always in Freudenberg tutorials, very few fabric cuts (of course, even better if left from another crafting project) and just one piece of one of the many products from this German brand, are enough to “let the magic happen” 🙂

This time, we’re talking of the Decovil Light: a fusible, non-woven material, with a leatherette-like look and touch. Resilient, tear- and bend-resistant, it’s non-fraying and easily applied with your iron and a damp cloth, in just 6 seconds!

And if you want to customize it even more, don’t forget to select a cute, small button, or to stitch the name of the “owner” of toothbrush and toothpaste on a small aida cut 😉


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