Mindful Making: DMC launches crafting to relax

Calm, sobriety, quality and harmony: these are the keywords that have inspired the brand new range of creative kits from DMC.

The first 18 have just been released (while the further 12 will be available from late August) and 3 are for macrame, 3 for crocheting, 3 for knitting, 4 for traditional embroidery, 3 for cross stitching and 3 for punch needle.

Each of them, packaged in an elegant box embossed with a twist resembling the stranded cotton skein of the French brand renowned worldwide, includes all the materials needed to realize the relevant project and show the hours necessary to carry it out 🙂 The common thread in all kits is the quality of the DMC materials included, matching the harmony spread by their delicate color shades, giving each project sobriety and instilling that feeling of tranquillity that only love for crafting can ensure. 

So, we can select our kit staying in the “comfort zone” of our favorite hobby, or we can decide to try something new, just because all the crafty techniques characterizing these kits and their projects are accessible to everyone, no matter how skillful, and explained step by step 🙂

So, no chance for stress, in the best way we know: crafting!

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