Mediterranean folk in cross stitches

The echoes of the most famous sea in the patterns from Avlea

In Greek it means “courtyard” and it’s pronounced “Av-lee-ah”: it’s the name that Krista West, founder and designer, has chosen for her brand of cross-stitch charts, all inspired by the rich and colorful patterns of the textile tradition of the Mediterranean countries. And we can actually see many unmistakable signs of Southern Italy, Spain, Greece and French Provence in all the models from Krista, inspired – as she revealed – from the years she spent working as a specialty taylor for the Greek Othodox church. They enabled her to get to know their local folklore and its embroidery, with their evident echoes of ancient Byzantine and Roman art.

She wanted to “bring the wonder of the Mediterranean textile” into her home in the US and therefore spent “thousands of hours researching, stitching and designing” her patterns, to share this old-world craft with the tastes of modern cross stitchers.

So, just like in the past Greek women gathered in their “courtyard” to take a break from their daily labors, embroidering the linens for soon-to-be brides, Krista says she hopes to give some hours of refreshment and amusement also to those modern cross-stitchers.

We definitely think she can dìperfectly do that with her patterns!

Meet them here

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