Let’s make the Crib… but a special one!

There are still four months to go before it’s Christmas. However, as all cross stitchers know very well, to stitch our Xmas projects is never too early! No matter if they’re going to decorate our homes or as a gift to some lucky friends, who’ll be delighted by something handmade with so much devotion. You need time to cross stitch! And this is why we’re already uploading some “little gems” for Christmas on Casa Cenina. We have selected them thinking of the Holidays and we’ll upload many more in the next weeks, of course. However, let’s start with this Crib, that’s not only unusual… it’s cute, we think:

Entirely cut out in a refine, multi layer plywood, 4-mm thick, this Nativity scene and its characters are meant to be cross stitched, using the holes laser cut with an advanced and painstaking technology in the plywood itself. Figure after figure – from the Holy Family, to the little shepherd boy with the lamb in his arms; from the Three Kings, to the Christmas Angel – we’ll see our Crib coming alive in our hands, before positioning it (or giving it as a gift: there are so many people loving the Crib!), creating something magical that’s going to last for years and years and that, for sure, we’ll keep with extreme care!

What about it?

Your comments are welcome and… happy stitching!

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