Lea Home Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Handy and transportable sewing machine

A tiny yet very solid sewing machine that you can carry with you everywhere you go!

It can be used on any kind of fabric, from the roughest ones such as jeans to the softest and most delicate silk and can be powered either by charger (220V) or batteries (4 double A batteries, not included) which means that you can use it anywhere and due to its small size you can store it even in the smallest spaces, even your suitcase!

Some of the Lea Home Mini Sewing Machine features are:
Switch operated double Speed
LED sewing light for easy threading, it allows you to see all the little details in your work;
Auto winding
Seam ripper
Hand switch or foot pedal to start
Size: 20 x 18 x 10 cm circa

Package contains:
1 Mini sewing machine
1 Presser foot
1 charger (220V)
1 replacement needle
4 metal bobbins
1 needle threader
Instructions’ manual in Italian


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