LazyDays: the new Tilda collection is here!

A bit of liberty, a lots of flowers


Tone Finnanger has said so herself: her new collection was inspired by the floral patterns of both  Art Nouveau e Art Deco artistic movements (that were popular from the late 1800s to the early 1900s).

This is how the fabrics’ patterns of this collection were born. Perfect for a cute summer look with a “Decadent” touch to it, as expected by the Liberty style.

In addition to the bundles – practical pack of five or more fabric cuts – you’ll find the amazing (and also very practical)  roll, with 30 strips (measuring 5X110 cm, and the charmpack with 40 cuts for 20 different patterns (2 cuts for each, each one measuring 12.50X12.50 cm. Each pattern is, of course, also available by cut, on our site:

Have fun creating the cute little characters that Tone has once again brought to life: the curvy “Beach Belle
a playful kitty


And, well … more cats on thi quilt that you can make with the LazyDays fabrics:

  A free chart for a demanding yet irresistible patchwork creation: give yourself some time and go for it 😉 And if you feel unsure about taking on such a big project, why not start with a pillow? Another free chart given to us by Tilda to discover this new beautiful and graceful collection :

We are sure it’s going to be a great success! What do you think? Tell us in the comments here below

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