Kreinik: a reference chart to these appreciated metal threads!

All keen stitchers, and cross stitchers are not an exception, have had the chance to try some metal threads for their projects. Among the best ones, there are certainly those from the US brand Kreinik, that come on convenient spools and are available in different sizes. And this variety of sizes often causes some “confusion” among stitchers.

That’s why we have decided to publish this reference chart, here below, that we believe it’s going to be very helpful, when selecting the metal threads for your projects. But not only: the chart is a valid help for jewelry makers and other fiber artists, just like those using the macrame technique for their creations. Please, bear in mind that the sizes listed in mm are slightly approximate, for they are calculated from the imperial system in inches and not on the metric system based on centimeters.

#32 Braid, from 1.4 to 1.5mm
#32 Braid, Hi Lustre 1.6mm
#16 Braid, basic colors 0.78mm
#16 Braid, fluorescent colors 0.87mm
#16 Braid, Hi Lustre 1.2mm
#16 Braid, cord colors 0.81mm
#16 Braid, Japan colors 1.6mm
#12 Braid, basic colors 0.61mm
#12 Braid, fluorescent colors 0.63mm
#12 Braid, Hi Lustre 0.65mm
#12 Braid, cord colors 0.60mm
#12 Braid, Japan colors 0.54mm
#8 Braid, basic colors 0.50mm
#8 Braid, fluorescent colors 0.57mm
#8 Braid, Hi Lustre 0.55mm
#8 Braid, cord colors 0.58mm
#8 Braid, Japan colors 0.43mm
#4 Braid, basic colors 0.35mm
#4 Braid, fluorescent colors 0.54mm
#4 Braid, Hi Lustre 0.32mm
#4 Braid, cord colors 0.30mm
#4 Braid, Japan colors 0.39mm

Discover them here!

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