Keen crafters on the Earth, let’s party!

Creative flair and planet Earth: a winning combination!

Here at Casa Cenina, we joined the celebration of the Earth Day last year. This event was created in 1970 and scheduled every year exactly one month and one day after the beginning of Spring (i.e. on April 22nd). This year we’ve just discovered that April 21st is also the World Creativity & Innovation Day and since creativity is our “natural habitat”, it was impossible not to join the two celbrations together .

After all, these two special days are connected in terms of inspiration: as a matter of fact, the Earth Day is meant to highlight the necessity to preserve the planet’s natural resources, while the World Creativity & Innovation Day has been meant – since 2017 – to promote the use of creativity to help achieve the 17 global, sustainable development goals and scheduled 6 days after the birth of Leonardo da Vinci: i.e. on April 21st every year. And, this can’t definitely be by change, can it?

That’s why, on this occasion and on these two meaningful days, Casa Cenina is pleased to invite you to celebrate with a special present for your creative shopping: 20% off on all items**, 12% off on books and magazines and an immediate, additional 5-euro discount on all orders from 120 euro!

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