Jersey Beanie hat (for children of 3 to 5 years of age)

Here below all the information you’ll need to make a fun and colorful “Jersey Beanie hat” That you can customize with your favorite fabrics and colors.

1. Needed Materials:

• “Bees” Jersey fabric: 15×30 cm 
• Off-white Jersey fabric: 23×55 cm 
• Stretchfix: 15×30 cm 
• Ruler and cutter 
• Scissors 
• Pins

• Needles 
• Flat iron 
• Sewing Machine 
• Thread 
• Fabric Marker 
• Cutting Mat

2. How to make it

 • Pin and cut all of the perimeter (with a margin of half a centimeter). Fold in half (on the longer side) the off-white fabric Draw the pattern such as shown in the picture and the opening of 5 cm. 
• Clamp the wrong side of the Bees Jersey fabric with flat iron for about 10 seconds on the sticky side of the stretchfix. Draw a few circles of different sizes on the stretchfix and cut them.. 
• Remove the protective film and place the circles on the right side of the off- white Jersey fabric, on the opposite side of the opening. Clamp each circle with flat iron for about 10 seconds. 
• Blanket stitch or zigzag stitch the perimeter of each circle. Overlap right side on right side and sew the fold with a margin of 0,5 cm. Do the same for all the folds. 
• Overlap right side on right side of the off-white Jersey fabric lining up the folds’ stitches.. Pin and sew all the perimeter leaving the opening only. 
• Turn your work inside out and iron internally excess fabric. Close the opening with few hidden stitches. Place the part without appliques inside the beanie and iron. 

You can download the complete project with the patterns and other details by clicking here

– Resinated, elastic, heat activated fabric with paper backing. 
– As it’s a double-sided adhesive, it allows to combine two different fabrics together while not losing any elasticity. 
– Used as a ribbon, it gives good structure to elastic garnments’ hems. 
– Apply it by clamping it with a flat iron for about 10-12 seconds on the wrong side of the fabric. Remove protective film and do the same thing for the right side of the fabric. 
– Washable at 40°.

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