Jane Austen: a legendary woman now living again on fabrics

She’s not simply one of the best-known English writers of all times:

she’s an iconic, neo-classical author who, between 1700 and 1800, in her books anticipated the Romantic Movement and even some “feminist” themes that were going to characterize the middle and late 19th century.

Her “Pride and Prejudice” has been translated into a whole lot of different languages, much loved by readers worldwide and still nowadays used as the subject of as many successful movies.

Few of us know, however, that Jane Austn was also a skillful quilter and in the English house where she worked on her books – today a museum managed by a local authority with her name – you can see a patchwork coverlet she “quilted” with her mother and sister Cassandra.

Technically not a quilt, since there is no layer of wadding, but a real patchwork coverlet, including a central panel and 232 smaller diamonds, assembled using the English Paper Piecing method. 

All the fabric used by Jane have been reproduced by Riley Blake, in her brand new collection, now available on Casa Cenina:

and, of course, called “Jane Austen at Home”. 21 traditional, floral prints, featuring that charming touch of romanticism and definitely immortal, and that’s why still so fashionable.

Ther country and so “British” look, with their delicate flowers and color shades are truly evergreen, with the plus of being so “antique” as for their style, though so modern – and thus 100% reliable – as for their manufacturing and printing, both carried out in the USA.

We look forward to seeing your projects with these fabrics and, for even more inspiration, take a look at the Jane Austen home (visited by over 40,000 people from all over the world every year) in this video:

Hear from us soon!

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