It’s raining beads

If you’re among the (numberless) fans of designers like Nora Corbett, you must be already quite skillful with beads. However, in Nora’s models beads are used to embellish cross stitch.

But in Eastern European countries, there’s a centuries-old and very rooted bead embroidery tradition, where beads completely replace threads: it’s not by chance, for example, that some of the greatest manufacturers of these tiny “hobby companions” are located in the former Czechoslovakia. Moreover, there are a whole lot of bead embroidered traditional Virgin Mary icons that are truly brath-taking. 

Certainly smaller, though not less precious, are the kits we decided to import directly from Emma’s Company – the Ukranian reference brand for bead embroidery kits – including all the materials needed to create little “gems” 🙂 We have started from Christmas kits, of course, ma if you like them (as we think you will!), we will be adding more and more of them to our catalog. There are so many models to discover and they’re all so cute!

We look forward to learning what you think about them.

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