#Istayhome with #casacenina

Dear friends of Casa Cenina, in Italy – as well as in some other EU countries, by now – we’re facing all together an emergency calling for the individual effort of the all of us, by staying home and thus avoiding to spread the Coronavirus even wider.

Therefore, why don’t we take the chance to really stay home in these weeks and dedicate ourselves to our favorite hobbies? That’s the right way to keep smiling and, most of all, to make sure this terrible time is going to become just a distant memory as soon as possible.

That’s why we have called this message with the hashtag #Istayhome with #casacenina.

Here at Casa Cenina, we have always worked in the so-called smart-working modality (better said, in the remote modality, so from home) wherever our business allows this (so as for the customer care, product uploading, accounting and similar functions).

The colleagues working in our warehouse, on the other hand, don’t need to get any bus or train to reach it and therefore, so far, they have regularly gone to work, being able to carry out their tasks at proper distance from each other (the square footage of our headquarters allow this) and equipped with gloves and protective masks to get your orders ready and shipped.

Casa Cenina will go on this way, as long as the regulations issued by the Italian Government  allow this. However, the situation is constantly evolving and we’re ready to immediately subject to any further and more restrictive provision.

Therefore, should the above-mentioned provisions order a suspension of any business, in order to protect the health of all Italian (and all European!) citizens, Casa Cenina will follow these provisions, until the situation returns to normal.

Stay home, stay safe with us (too).

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