How to craft a seat belt pad tutorial

Checkmate to the “drag” of seat belts in less than 10 moves!

Seat belts save lives: that’s the indisputable truth! Of all the obligations imposed by international regulations in force, that of seat belts is definitely one of those most making sense. However, seat belts can be somehow annoying, while driving and, in fact, the automotive aftermarket offers a whole lot of seat belt pads!

So, why not thinking of a customized, handmade pad to proudly use on our seat belt while driving?!?!?!? And, what’s more, why not easily crafting it in less than 10 steps, thanks to a great tutorial where pictures are worth a thousand words?

Well, those geniuses of Freudenberg have created it and we must share it! Girls, you can do it: get your favorite fabrics and a little piece of P140, a highly soft and light batting that’s going to make you forget the “hug” (sometimes not so appreciated, let’s say so 😉 ) of your seat belt. Moreover, you’ll have a fully personalized seat belt pad!

The materials needed …

Have fun and… always fasten your seat belt!

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