Happy Campers Tilda: the new collection is here!

A celebration of Spring, already in January.

Its name is “Happy Campers/Spring 2020” and it’s the new Tilda collection, opening the New Year and definitely anticipating the warm, next season, both in its color shades and in its patterns 🙂 Small, very detailed flowers and little, lovely bees happily swirling among their petals represent the leitmotiv of these new pure cotton fabrics, together with a whole lot of gingham and polka dots nicely mixed together by the Norwegian designer, in her unmistakable style.

All patterns seem to re-echo some cheerful days in the open air, with oilcloths on the camping tables! And the connection to camping and to the iconic van of one of the best-known German car brands is clear in the name chosen for this collection “Happy Campers”. After all, who’s never fancied to travel around the world in that cute, little van equipped with everything you need and, why not, decorated with some hand-sewn cushions and quilts, in the perfect “Tilda way”?

This collection somehow recalls the Seventies, too, in its inspiration to a quite wandering life and in harmony with nature, though confirming Tone Finnnager’s love for vintage style and pastel colors that – in fact – allow to perfectly match these new fabrics even with the fabrics of the older Tilda collections. 

We only have to choose and mix all the fabric and accessories we like, to craft anything our creative flair is suggesting 😉

Hear from us soon!

The Casa Cenina Team

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