Hand-dyed with heart

Made in Germany and treated in Hungary

Zweigart linen is the basis of all the pre-cuts we have lately uploaded on Casa Cenina, with the brand  “xJuDesign”. They are colorful, but never “too colorful”, always elegant and definitely with that magical taste that only hand-dyed fabrics feature. They’re perfect for your most challenging cross-stitch projects – like the mermaids from Mirabilia or the fairies from Joan Elliott – but for simpler projects, too, because they give them a truly unique touch.

From Zweigart weaving mills, the linen come to Hungary, straight in the skillful hands of a nice girl whose name’s Judit, but called Jucus by her friends and relatives 🙂 She’s been a keen stitcher since 2003 (the same year when Casa Cenina was born, what a coincidence!) and the proud mum of twins since 2014.

However, the arrival of her two little ones hasn’t slowed down her passion for cross stitching and in 2011 she started dying fabrics. At first, she did it just for herself… but soon she received a whole lot of requests – thanks also to her lovely blog and her steady presence online – so she decided to start dying more and more, until becoming a reference point in this niche… even though this is not quite a “niche” anymore, considering that we’ve got already to place another order to Jucus, just a couple of week after uploading her fabrics on our website.

We’re glad to support the artisanal work of such a young – a lively – mother and keen cross stitcher like Jucus. So, if you haven’t tried her linens, yet, make sure to try them as soon as possible: you won’t regret it, we promise you!

Take a look at all their amazing shades immediately:

and… Enjoy!

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