Gardenlife: the new from Tilda

We all had been waiting for some weeks, since it was announced! And now it’s finally there, waiting for you at Casa Cenina.

The brand new Tilda collection colors the month of May, though already letting us think of the Summer, both in its inspirations and in its color shades.

Its name recalls the time to spend in our gardens and reveals its protagonists: several floral prints with the most traditional leaves and corollas, like those of petunias and peonies; as well with refined ones, like those of the nasturtium, and the wilder ones, like those of poppies; along with fresh and vivid colors, to match together in an as vivid way! Let’s focus on unexpected – though so perfectly in harmony! – matches between lilac and coral shades, mustard and pink ones, and green, sage and blu and light blue together.

The patterns, once again, have a vintage look, inspired by the pictures of the old, botanical treatises, but reviewed in a perfectly modern way, as usual in Tilda’s collections.

And, crowning this “ancient” soul with a vocation to modernity, there’s a new, lovely, little animal who’s actually the protagonist in a number of gardens everywhere: the frog! In this new collection of hers, Tone Finnanger invites us to use the frog, this new Tilda Friend, as the leading figure for brand new quilts, pillows and creations for ourselves and our homes!

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