Freudenberg: boosting your creative flair.

To guide you through the number of items included in our selection of battings and interlinings from the largest world manufacturer of such products, we have renewed all their descriptions and filled out a useful chart, showing how “thick” each of the most used battings is. You can download it here and always keep it handy, whenever “some doubts hit you”.

As for the composition of battings, natural fibers, such as cotton, are always a very good choice, even more when it goes on quilts and other projects for our bedroom. However, do not underestimate the polyester from Freudenberg, because it’s a highly soft, last-generation polyester, extremely light, though very warm at the same time! And don’t worry when you think of washing them for almost all battings can be washed after quilting, with delicate cycle and detergent.

Talking about interlinings, then, the first element you should take into consideration to select the right one is “what kind of texture” you want for your project and, according to the answer, you will have to choose a lighter one, or a stiffer one, if you want to craft a solid beauty case, or for the brim of a hat.

And what about face masks, so necessary in these days? Well, get the L11, or the H180: both perfect for crafting protection mask.
Last but not least, don’t forget we’re always pleased to help you answer any other question: feel free to contact us at any time!

    Download here the list with the thickness of each batting!

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