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What does “items in stock” mean?

With regard to this “Everything Must Go!” event and differently from our usual promotions, the items in stock are those that were already in our warehouse on the very day when this “revolution” started, that means on Wednesday June 5th, 2019. Therefore, any item uploaded in our webshop after the above-mentioned date or back in stock at any time later than that is not included in our clearance sale.

Why are some items from the same brand/manufacturer/designer rebated according to clearance and some others aren’t?

This is due both to what mentioned above (some products from the same brand/manufacturer/designer were already in stock on June 5th, when our “Everything Must Go” started and they are therefore discounted; while some items are brand new and are not included in this clearance); and to the fact that new items could be “physically” in our warehouse, though impossible for us to reach, because the renovation works in progress are literally messing up our warehouse and they force us to set apart (a NEITHER open, NOR put on the shelves) all new products, which you can anyway include in your orders and which we’ll ship as soon as possible, though not immediately.

Why are DMC stranded cotton skeins not discounted for this clearance sale?

At Casa Cenina the price of DMC stranded cotton is always rebated (1.10 euro instead of 1.45 euro that’s the DMC recommended retail price) and this is why they belong to the category of items that are steadily on special offer, at a special price, and therefore this offer can’t be combined.  

When does this clearance sale end?

As it often happens (or, better said, as it always happens 😉 ), when great renovation works are in progress, it is truly impossible to rely on a certain completion of works… even more when these works involve a large and “demanding” warehouse like ours. This is why we haven’t mentioned any precise date as the date of expiry of this great initiative of ours. In any case, our goal is to get to the end of August or the very firsts of September with the largest amount of new products ready and, most of all, with the possibility of relying on our warehouse in full swing 😉
So, we can just suggest you to hurry up, for the Summer flies!

How’s going to work, if I include products that are not immediately in stock in my order?

One of the advantages of our Clearance Sale is exactly the fact that there’s no limit to the items you can order: including, of course, also those items that are not physically in our warehouse at the moment you place your order and, therefore, not available. In the webpage of many products, you’ll find the expected date of delivery, calculated keeping into consideration all the possible variables (however, please bear in mind that some variables do not depend on Casa Cenina!). By including them in your order, you’ll be displayed (before confirming it and in the webpage of your shopping cart) two different shipments: in the very first one, we will ship all the items immediately in stock; while in the second one, we will ship the items that aren’t in stock at the moment of your order. This option of splitting the orders including items not immediately available is a further benefit, expressly conceived to guarantee you the fastest shipping possible and, at the same time, to enable us the best rationalisations of all shipments and thus the highest “smoothness” to our daily operations, in these weeks of “works in progress” (that means with an actual building yard in our warehouse!!!), with reduced spaces and without giving up on the orders to our suppliers, anyway, so to always rely on new products to offer you 🙂

Should you have any further question, you’d like to ask us and that could be included in these FAQs, please feel free to email us at any time at: [email protected]


    Thanks a lot and enjoy this “Everything Must Go”!

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