Fall on the Farm

“Fall on the Farm”: the new series from Little House Needleworks.

9 patterns in 9 months, all “nestled” in views of typical US farms, with their barns and number of characters – humans, animals and plants – livening them up.

Starting in December, so to finish stitching everything by September 2022, just on the threshold of the next Fall. The patterns are all little squares with a 63×63 stitch count and set together they form a lovely sampler with a stitch count of 195×195. All squares, in fact, must be arranged in horizontal rows, each with 3 squares, and leaving 3 stitches between the blocks.

All 9 patterns are stitched on a 32ct Belfast Linen, hand-dyed exclusively for this occasion by Judith of xJuDesign, with hand-dyed threads from Classic Colorworks.

How it works?
Casa Cenina offers you the possibility to make sure not to miss this series, with a unique kit, including the necessary hand-dyed linen from xJuDesign (32ct. Rustic Driftwood), all the hand-dyed threads (18 skeins from Classic Colorworks).
The kit can be purchased exclusively upon reservation for 76.00€ (within Thursday, December 22nd 2021) including shipping to the majority of EU countries.

At each issue of each pattern (please, bear in mind that the patterns ARE NOT included in the kit and cost 8.50€ each), we will email you to ask if you want us to send you the pattern immediately, or if you prefer to add anything to the shipment, so to save money on shipping costs. When we email you, you’ll have 3 days to reply to us with your preference.

Order your kit now!

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