Everything you can create with buttons

The most famous fashion stylist have always stated so: a particular button can make the difference on any cloth, including the cheapest one!

When it goes on crafting, this unwritten rule is even more true: a whole lot of cross stitch designers include lovely buttons in their patterns; while felt projects like little house door stoppers or wreaths celebrating the most different events, can be even more delicate and customized, if finished with some special buttons according to their subject. And, of course, the possibilities to give a personal touch to any knitted or crocheted cloth, bag and more, are truly endless!

However, here at Casa Cenina we wanted to also “explore” more applications for these magic “little things” and this is why we selected 40 different models of the buttons from Buttons Galore & More: a US brand that has manufactured buttons for over 20 years. We’re sure, as soon as you see them, you’ll immediately know how to use them for your craft projects.

But we also looked for some “unusual” projects with buttons, to give you the opportunity to use, in particular, the “assorted in jar” buttons here:

These jars are absolutely amazing: they contain over 200 buttons in matching color shades, making them ideal not only for any traditional use in creative sewing and scrapbooking, just to mention some, but perfect also for some lovely craft projects “beyond”.

Like these bowls:

And these cute pictures:

And there are a number of tutorial with different ideas to craft button jewelry, adding fibers and ribbons! Try to simply google “button jewelry” and you’ll see a new world of ideas opening up!


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