Embroidery scissors: how to select the right one for you.

110 results are displayed on Casa Cenina, if you search “embroidery scissors”… Wow! It’s amazing to have such a wide selection, isn’t it? But, on the other hand, we might also wonder “well, how can I make the right decision with so many alternatives?

So, here are some tips

1) Assess the reliability: in this instance, Casa Cenina helps you somehow, for we have focused our scissors offer on two very well-known brands: Premax, the greatest Italian scissors manufacturer, with hundred years of history, and Prym, an undisputable specialist. For sure, these two brands are extremely reliable and always focusing on the quality of all their products, not just as raw materials and production are concerned, but also as far as the after sale is concerned. Quality, in fact, also means that, in case of any faulty item (and they can occur also in the instance of the best-known brands), its manufacturer replies fast and it’s always ready to replace the faulty item.

2) Think of how exactly you’re going to use your embroidery scissors: if you’re a very keen stitcher, one of those who never go to sleep at night, if they haven’t stitched at least a couple of hours during the day, it’ll be better for you to choose scissors designed for intensive usage, like these ones, for example:

While if you usually stitch only when you can relax, when you’re on holiday, or at the weekend,  and use therefore your scissors less often, you can also pick up a more economical model, though never giving up on quality, such as this one:

3) Always consider your expectations: the best way to find your embroidery scissors, the right ones for you, is always to start searching from your requirements and expectations. How to do that? Simply asking yourself what are the aspects you can’t definitely give up. For instance, if you love particular looks even in embroidery necessities, be sure to take this into due account, when selecting your scissors. While, if your first need is convenience, take a look at the items relying on more positive reviews concerning this, or ask us for advice 😉 By and large, it’s always better to spend five minutes more for these evaluations, rather than purchasing the very first item you find, to discover later that you’ve spent your money for something far from meeting your requirements and expectations.

4) Ask us for advice: we have well-established relationships with all our suppliers and with scissors manufacturers like Premax we can even rely with a personal and open relationship. So, we’re always glad to support you when you have to choose, as well as to ask our suppliers to give us any further technical detail you may need to solve your doubts, before purchasing anything. This is always good and beneficial, we believe

Enjoy selecting what you like!

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