DMC Étoile: the evolution of cross stitch floss

DMC dress up their stranded cotton

DMC veste di luce il moulinè
It’s not a metallic fiber and it’s not traditional stranded cotton… it looks exactly like stranded cotton, indeed, and with the most famous cross stitch floss it shares 8-meter skeins and 6 strands. However, its composition makes it completely different: 73% cotton and 27% lurex polyamide! Thanks to this special mix the Étoile from DMC sparkles just like the Summer’s end heavens! 

Its name tell it all: Étoile means “star” in French and it is conceived to deliver a lovely twinkle! Just use it as the traditional stranded cotton (they also share the same size) and you’ll see that no knots are possible while stitching 🙂 
Available in 35 colors, developed on the basis of the best-sellers in the world, it is very easy to select, since the color cods are the same as those of the normal stranded cotton, but with the addition of the letter “C”, to make them easy to spot out. The color shades of the Étoile include the most widespread colors from DMC, like white, ecru, 310, 321, 816 and 738 and all of them are subjected to a special double dying process, making them particularly lively. 
Get ready for a new stitching experience! Choose your Étoile favorit colors, or get them all in the lovely “Prestige tin box” (including some lovely free patterns, too!), or get inspired with the dedicated book, containing 16 needlework projects 8 for cross stitch and 8 for traditional embroidery) by the most famous designers 😉 

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