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A young brand, already hitting the ground running

This is how FabricArt is doing. This Brazilian fabric manufacturer has conquered us for several reasons.

First of all for the raw cotton they use, coming from their country (Brazil is currently among the greatest worldwide players in the cotton farming industry, so much it represents the biggest – and the most feared – competitor of the USA) and strictly from organic farming. This means sustainable farming, exploiting neither lands, nor workers!

Secondly, all FabricArt fabrics have a double Oeko-Tex certification: not only for the organic cotton they’re made of, but also for the textile inks used for their printing and, therefore, they’re ideal not only for quilting and creative sewing, but also to tailor clothes for ourselves, as well as for our little ones. 

Third: they offer a number of lovely prints, never too “pretentious” and always available in 150cm wide rolls, that can be matched not only with each other, but even with the basics of many other fabric brands.

Last but not least, their value: an indisputable quality at a very reasonable price! Well, if we haven’t persuaded you yet… you just have to try them

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