Cotton VS polyester sewing floss: what’s better?

A quick guide to choose the right one.

Here at Casa Cenina, we’re often asked this question and we’d like to clear up all doubts: in our opinion, there’s no “best one”, while there are different answers, according to the kind of sewing project we’d like to realize.

On the one hand, it is true that cotton threads are often considered better quality, somehow “more precious”, than polyester threads. But, on the other hand, polyester swing floss is stronger than cotton ones and ensures thinner (though more resistant) seams, with less impact on the look of the finished item.

However, cotton sewing threads is definitely better when it comes to decorative stitching and quilting and it is not by chance that Aurifil cotton, 100% made in Italy, is the most beloved quilting cotton in the USA, the birthplace of patchwork and quilting.

Again, cotton sewing floss is definitely better when we already know that we’ll dye our cloth after sewing it: polyester, in fact, cannot be dyed with the modern “DIY” fabric dyes.

Nevertheless, polyester threads do not bleed off in water, even at quite high temperatures and therefore it is the best choice if you have to sew things that are going to be often machine washed, at 40/60°C.

Last but not least, polyester sewing threads are usually available in more color shades than cotton ones.

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